Yearly Schedule of Events Template

Create a yearly schedule of events for your office, school or organization using Microsoft Excel®

An organization, schools, offices, clubs or any other businesses that want to create and publish a yearly schedule of events can use this template to list the dates and events descriptions. The dates are highlighted on mini monthly calendars. The schedule can then be saved as a PDF file to shared with other people.

Yearly Schedule of Events

for Excel

Yearly Schedule of Events

DOWNLOAD For Excel 2007 or later (XLSX)

DOWNLOAD For Excel 97-2003 (XLS)


If you have used our other yearly calendars you may have observed that they just display dates, but this template lets you describe the list of events. This is a very popular format for any school, club or other organization.

Event Types (optional): In the XLSX version for Excel 2007 or later, you may define up to 7 different types of events to highlight using different colors. But the XLS version for Excel 2003, lets you define up to 3 events.

Conditional Formatting: This version of template also uses conditional formatting to highlight the event dates in the mini calendars. You can still highlight the cells by manual formatting such as graying out the weekends.

Using/Customizing the Schedule of Events Template

See the Help Worksheet: Use “Help” worksheet within the template for some getting-started instructions and information about printing.

Publishing Your Schedule of Events: Although does not allow publishing this template on the web, you can create a PDF to publish if attribution is given.

Conditional Formatting: The dates in used the mini calendars can be highlighted by selecting an event type in column L. This is done via Conditional Formatting. If you don’t want to highlight the events in columns J-L, you can remove the conditional formatting conditions for these cells.

Adding More Events – In this template, it is very simple to add some more events if you run out of rows for a particular month. You just need to select the entire row marked “Insert new rows above this one”, then right-click on the row number and select Insert,it will be done.

Events Spanning Multiple Days: If you have some event that lasts for multiple days and you want to highlight the entire span in the mini calendar, the template will not do this automatically. You need to enter the start date for the event, and specify its duration in the event description. You can also modify the background color of the cells manually if you want to, keeping in mind that the conditional formatting used in this template will override any manual formatting.

Example Uses for the Yearly Schedule of Events

School Calendars: This Schedule of Events template is actually a modification of our school event calendar. In this template we have added the feature to specify an event type to highlight different types of events with different colors.

Birthdays and Anniversaries: This template makes it easy for you to add anniversaries and birthdays which can automatically update each year. In the date column, you can also enter the formula =DATE(B3,theMonth,theDay), where B3 is a reference to the year. For example, if a birthday falls on the 28th of May, you have to use the formula as =DATE(B3,5,28)

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