Yearly Planning Calendar

This new planning calendar was designed for when you want to see multiple months on a single page but still have some room to write notes about the events you are planning. It’s great for project planning, sports schedules, clubs, scouts, organizations, and personal goals.

This worksheet is a cross between a monthly calendar and a yearly calendar , which shows 6 months on each page, having two blank cells under each day of the month to include notes. You can also design your calendar in Excel, adding your own custom color coding, merging cells to display multi-day events, and doing everything else that the worksheet software allows you to do.

When you are finished editing the planning calendar in Excel, you can also save it in PDF format to share with your colleagues or organization.

Planning Calendar Template

for Excel

Yearly Planning Calendar Template

DOWNLOAD For Excel 2007 or later (XLSX)


This workbook has two different spreadsheets for printing a 2-page, 12-month calendar. This is available in either landscape or portrait orientation on each sheet. You can easily edit or customize the calendar to start with any year, month, and day of the week. For example, if you want to create a planning calendar for your school year, then you must start the calendar from August.

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