Blank Calendars

Do you need blank calendar page without any numbers or month names printed on it? If so, you need a truly blank calendar and you are at the right page. You can find a number of different free printable blank calendars here in a variety of formats and colors. You can also find a blank calendar template for Microsoft Excel. If you need a blank calendar that also includes the days & months of the year, go to our printable calendars, or try our other calendar templates.

Blank Calendar Template

Blank Calendar Template for Excel
Blank Calendar Template for Excel

Download For Excel 2007 or later (xlsx)


This is a theme-enabled blank monthly calendar template that allows you to change the fonts and colors used in the calendar. You can do so by simply selecting a new theme in Excel. You can find this option on Page Layout > Colors or Fonts.

Printable Blank Calendars

The following printable blank calendars are are Free and available as IMAGES. You can use them to print as many paper copies as you need, without an cost charge. Feel free to link to this page because these blank calendars are never out of date.

Blank Calendar with Days of the Week – Landscape

blank calendar
Sunday first

Blank Monthly Calendars

The following free printable blank calendar has been designed to include 12 pages with a separate month on each page and are available in a variety of colors. These calendars also display both the month name and the days of the week listed at the top in either the Monday-Sunday or Sunday-Saturday formats.

12-Month Blank Calendars – Landscape

Following are free downloadable and printable 12-month blank calendar templates in PDF format. You can easily download and print. The screenshot below shows the Monday-Sunday format. In both formats, the days shown with the light background shading are Sunday and Saturday.

Blank calendar monday-first

Download 12-month blank calendar – Monday-First format (PDF)

Download 12-month blank calendar – Sunday-First format (PDF)


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