Annual Calendar / Checklist

Free Download an Annual Calendar for Recording your New Year’s Resolutions

Do you feel any trouble keeping your New Year’s Resolutions? You might want to try using some kind of reminder software or entering recurring events in your mobile phone or favorite calendar program. If you are looking for something simple, you should download our Annual Calendar for Microsoft Excel. If you have just only one daily goal, you must also use one of our many other yearly calendars templates and check off the days as you go.

How far do you usually get without having some way to keep track of your progress? Maybe a few days or maybe a few weeks? During the last year, using this checklist, I actually made it for 3 months. This annual calendar template is very useful for many other things as well, such as project planning, shift schedule, and even keeping the track of which child needs to pick the bedtime story. It may be amazing how well that cure the nightly arguments.

Annual Calendar / Checklist

for Excel (Works for any year after 1900 )

Annual Calendar / Resolution Checklist

DOWNLOAD For Excel 2007 or later (XLSX)

DOWNLOAD For Excel 97-2003 (XLS)


This easy-to-use annual calendar template was created to use as a checklist, specifically for your New Year’s resolutions. However, it can also be used for many other purposes as described in examples below. It works for any year – you just need to edit the year in cell A4 and all the dates will be updated. So you can easily customize the worksheet, print the checklist, and then attach to your nightstand, fridge, dresser, etc.

Ways to use the Annual Calendar

  • Resolution Checklist – You can select your top 3 most important goals or resolutions and then enter them on the rows below each month (or insert more rows). If your goals are based on some specific days of the week, just highlight those columns which apply. When you finish each goal or task, check it off for that day.
  • Shift Schedule – Enter the names of individuals or teams in the rows below each month and mark which days they are scheduled. Insert additional rows if needed.
  • Daily Task Checklist – If you have a set of daily or weekly tasks, scheduled for different days, then this calendar template can be very handy as a checklist.

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